Sunday, 5 February 2012

It’s February once again. And, it’s Heart Month in several countries. In Canada, the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s goal for the end of February 2012 is to reach 1 million actions that will “Make Death Wait.” These actions can involve healthy meal planning, walking, running, donating, and volunteering.

The foundation’s website features a count of various efforts that help reach the goal. Among the counted efforts is sharing the foundation’s messages or people’s own stories. So, simply passing on information is acknowledged as significant help. In my opinion, it’s a great step that emphasises the importance of social connections and social media.

To share your story, or to download a Facebook app that allows you to see how heart disease and stroke can affect the people in your social network, click here. After all, it truly is about people.

Many videos are available on the Heart and Stroke Foundation website and YouTube. Here's one of the recent campaign videos:

Of course, I want to mention the volunteers. The Heart and Stroke Foundation has thousands of volunteers who help raise awareness and funds for the goal of reducing heart disease and stroke-related deaths. The foundation’s website currently features a story about a 92-year-old man from Ontario’s Niagara Region who has been volunteering for the Heart and Stroke Foundation for 50 years. To read this action-inspiring story, click here.
When I was searching online for information about Heart Month, I first came across the Twitter account for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Many tweets give useful information that could improve your life. To read or follow the Twitter feed, click here.
This is a small sample of the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s efforts. I hope it has encouraged you to find out more on your own. Maybe you can join in to help reach the goal for Heart Month. What do you think?

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  1. Nora, thought of your post today when I donated to Heart and Stroke. Their commercials and message is very powerful, with the Make Death Wait campaign. Great job featuring this cause. Love hearing about people working for a cause The 92 year old man is an inspiration to the community.

    1. Thank you, Kristin. Look at us both taking action!