Sunday, 12 February 2012

Hello, everyone. Valentine's Day is fast-approaching and I think it would be nice to send someone love through a special e-card (because we're staying with an e-theme here). You probably have certain people you like to give candy hearts, flowers, and sweet messages. Well, you can send an e-card with a special message attached - a message that includes a charitable donation in their honour.
The Canadian Diabetes Association recently tweeted about sending e-cards to help fight diabetes. I think for the right person it's a nice way to let him or her know you care. You can choose an e-card by clicking here. Based on the ecard previews I saw, they look modern and adorable.
The Canadian Diabetes Association helps people with diabetes in many ways, including education and health services and providing access to medical supplies. To find out more, visit The website features a lot of useful information about diabetes, nutrition and healthy living, so you and the people you love could benefit from taking a few minutes to browse the website.

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  1. That's an awesome suggestion. I'm a day too late but I think it's still worth looking into. Thanks!